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Dust compression and molding

In Rotary presses machines can produce medicinal and homeopathic tablets,  pellets and tablets for food products, irregular or round-shaped, with or without engraving.

It also compresses and wraps mineral dust, chemicals, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous metals) and special ceramic powders. Rotary presses are ideal for medium and high production.

The simple change of the tooling (punches and dies) allows the production of tablets in different sizes and formats within the same equipment.

The dies filling, dosing, compression and ejection of the pellets are processed in a circular and continuous way.

All the machines are manufactured under strict quality standards using materials that have a traceable certificate. Together with the technical level and the robustness of equipment and accessories, it results in a high reliability and performance among all industries in this segment.

The weight, height and hardness adjustment of the tables can be made with the machine in motion.

Micro-processing management system. 220 or 380 volts motor, with frequency inverter that generates energy savings and a range variable speed. Special alloy cast iron turret.

Robust compression system made of hardened tempered and rectified steels rollers.


The device automatically reliefs excess pressure. All models are produced in open, partially open or fully closed versions.

Closed machines have stainless steels profiles and acrylic doors with shock absorbers and sensor that follow the international standards. All parts that have contact with the product receive special treatment. Emergency buttons and sensors located on the doors ensure the operator safety.

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