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Machines and punches repairs

Standardizing the tools

Neuberger performs maintenance, partial or full renovation and adjustments to all Neuberger press machines and other domestic or imported brands, increasing the equipment lifespan.

Tool Reform and Calibration

Standardizing the tools

The continuous use of the tool set (Punches and Dies) causes natural wear, with changes in the functional measures and in a non-uniform way. Neuberger performs the grinding, and/or polishing and/or dimensional reporting of used, national and imported tool sets.

Replacement of damaged punches and dies from any manufacturer. Following the new ANVISA standards, Neuberger calibrates the entire tool set used and provides the Tool Qualification Certificate, with a new dimensional report.

Manufacture of Spare Parts

Neuberger manufactures spare parts for national and imported compactor machines, with the precision and quality of the originals. Among them, the guides for rotating machines of the main international brands on the market stand out.

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