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The Vetnil training was an important and excellent opportunity for the operators to learn the correct way of handling, cleaning and maintain the rotating equipment. They also got to know the material types that they are made of, and therefore increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process.


Rodrigo Santos

In charge of production


Mob: 55 19 99232-6245

Tel: 55 19 3848-8500

Extension: 8557

Neuberger offers Courses and Training in the field of powder compaction, with diverse and useful topics. The courses have oral technical presentations with handout, followed by expositions of the practical part in a compacting and/or punching machine. It has been very successful in the companies where it was applied, improving performance, productivity, removing vices, reducing problems, losses and costs.


After the Course, an individual Certificate is provided to all participants. The courses and training are carried out in the SAT space (Service and Training Service) at Neuberger or in company, according to the client's needs.

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