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Pressing and molding dust

The Neuberger Eccentric Presses are rough machines easy to operate and maintain. They have linear motion and allow high load with low torque requirements at the maximum compression point and minimum speed. They use flywheel energy during the compression stages and ejection.


The flywheel maintains the uniform rotation of the press mobile members. The product hardness and weight of the tablet are easily adjusted.

The eccentric presses produce medicinal and homeopathic pills, bushings, rings, pellets, briquettes and tablets for food products of round or irregular shape with or without engraving.


It also compresses and shapes minerals, chemicals, metals (ferrous and nonferrous) and special ceramics. All this diversity is achieved through simple tools exchange (punches and dies). It allows multi-ends tools.


Thus, in the same machine can be produced the most unusual products in different sizes and formats.

Each model has its own characteristics, differing mainly in tablets diameter, compression strength and production.

The drive can be controlled via frequency inverter. It has optional machine closure (partial or total), adapting countertop, chemical nickel in all parts, emergency button and protection in acrylic.

It is possible to use it for compression or calibration of sintered parts considering some adaptation.

In the 3031 model with floating board, compression is applied on the dust simultaneously on the top and bottom, allowing the production of light dust technical parts in addition to homogenize the compression.

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