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NEUBERGER in the media

"Pharmaceutical Technology" Journal


Number 20 - Vol. 04 - 2016

Interview with Elisabete Pinto Breuing about Neuberger Participation in the FCE Pharma - 21 Edition - Page 41.

FCE 2016


Video of the event with the interview with Elisabete Pinto Breuing

FCE 2016


Event Newsletter


Article about participation in the Event;

The FCE Pharma 21st edition has exceeded expectations and hit a  record of visitation of 14.137 professionals of the area, among them, the major players in the industry, such as: Eurofarma, EMS and Hypermarcas.

"Pharmaceutical Technology" Journal


3.15 Edition


Qualification of Punches and Dies, Traceability and Maintenance as an assistance for Good Manufacturing Practices pg. 12 and 13.



Article with an interview with Elisabete Pinto Breuing for the  Official Newsletter of FCE Pharma 2015.

POWTECH Brazil Arena


Conference and Exhibition of Processing and Handling, particles and fine powders. Article with an interview with Elisabete Pinto Breuing.

Click here and check it out

"Boas Práticas" Website


Article with an interview with Elisabete Pinto Breuing highlighting the Neuberger machines.

"Radar Magazine" Website


Tudo é Química Article

"Boas Práticas" Website


Neuberger article highlights a new rotary machine

"Boas Práticas" Website


Article about Neuberger in the Boas Práticas website.

"Metalurgica do Pó" Book


Chapter 3.24 - 2009

The author makes a reference to Neuberger in his book. Pages 100 and 101.


"Controle de Contaminação" Magazine


Number 167 - Year XIV - may/June 2013 Press Realese with Elisabete Pinto Breuing about the  Neuberger machines. Page 18.


Revista "Controle de contaminação"

Número 167 - Ano Xiv - maio/junho de 2013Press Realese da Elisabete Pinto Breuing sobre Máquinas Neuberger.Página 18.

Neuberger in CPhl South America

“Deinfar brought to the CPhI South America a mini laboratory with modern equipment for the analysis and production of tablets, mounted to allow exhibitors and visitors to interact with the production process and the possibility of partnerships for the realization of sophisticated testing in the development of formulations for pharmaceutical solid ingredients.

“Neuberger participated in the CPhI, within the Laboratory Model at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Humberto Ferraz, a Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) and the representative of the Laboratory Model and Deinfar.


"Fármacos & Medicamentos" Magazine

Number 57 - Year X - March/April 2009

Article with Elisabete Pinto Breuing about the pressing mechanisms - Pages 38 - 46.


"Fármacos & Medicamentos" Magazine

Number 58 - X Year - May/June 2009 Article with Elisabete Pinto Breuing about the Pressing Mechanisms, Punches and Dies - Pages 26 to 34.

“Destaque” Magazine

Number 33 - September 2009

Article about Neuberger and its excellence to the demands of the market. Pages 8 and 9.


“Up Pharma” Magazine

It announces the Winners of the SINDUSFARMA QUALITY Award.

Click here and check out the presence of Neuberger in pages 27 to 30 of this edition.


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