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Neuberger.  95 years as synonym of quality.
João Alfredo


Me. Elisabete

Administrative Director

Eng. Felipe

Production Director

Production Director e Know-How
Ensuring customer satisfaction. 


Neuberger is the oldest and most respected Brazilian industry in the manufacturing of tools, machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. It was with an entrepreneurial spirit that in 1929 Max H. Neuberger began the manufacture of accessories and equipment for the pharmaceutical laboratories and pharmacies that were installed in Brazil at the beginning of the century. In 1935 he began to manufacture the first national machine for tablet production.


Neuberger is proud to have participated in these decades in the training of most pharmaceutical and veterinary laboratories, today large companies and commercial partners, as well as companies in the chemical, food, ceramic, powder metallurgy and universities. Pioneerism combined with precision, durability and efficiency have made Neuberger synonymous with quality.


They are more than eight decades manufacturing advanced machines and tools for all areas that require high technology in powder formatting. A historical partnership with Brazilian industry. Come and meet our organization. Investments in technology and its professionals guarantee the accuracy and quality of its products.


Total commitment to our customers.


Pioneering, combined with precision, durability and efficiency have made the Neuberger synonymous with quality. To reach this level of excellence, unique in its segment, Neuberger invests especially in the training, training and frequent update of its team of professionals.


Valuing its staff, as well as making partnerships with suppliers of maximum competence, and always investing in new technologies, the company can offer the best in the powder compaction market, following international standards and incorporating new methodologies.


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