Machines for Research and Development and/or Pilot Batch

VELA G is a small scale Rotary Press. It has been designed or a wide range of applications in Research and Development.

Due to its unique design, small quantities of product are necessary to produce high quality tablets.

It is very compact and has simple design that allows it to be used in very small areas.


VELA G is a unique press. It is the most flexible and simple to use for Research and Development in the current market.

AQUARIUS-LD is a Multi-functioning Hybrid Press, Mono Station in Laboratory scale, able to produce standard tablets (single-layer), Double Layer (Bilayer) and Dry Coating tablets.

All of it on the same machine. This change was possible due to the concept developed by Kikusui of different modules which enables a fast and easy change between Double-Layer and Dry Coating.

It is also suitable for Research and Development applications by engaging a small force feeder and funnel for the use of low product quantity.

High Production Machines

AQUARIUS-G is the latest line of Kikusui Press designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

It has an uncomplicated operation and maintenance, easy access, fast crown changing among other characteristics.


All in one compact, reliable and very robust design. These are attributes by which Kikusui is known worldwide.


The new features allow multiple functions on the same equipment.

AQUARIUS G can be compact not only standard tablets (single-layer) and Double Layer (Bilayer), but also Dry Coating tablets (Tablet in Tablet).

This is possible because its configuration can be changed quickly through a module coupling or by changing a specific crown.


Step by step guidance by the HMI ensures the correct configuration. It is the most complete, practical and versatile machine available today in the market.

NEW GEMINI is a very compact machine in relation to its production. It delivers speed and convenience in changing parts, cleaning and operations.

NEW GEMINI is a double station machine which has the highest production capacity and compressive strength. Through the simple and easy changing of modules, the NEW GEMINI also has the ability to produce tablets with Double-Layer (Bilayer).