NEUBERGER and KIKUSUI Partnership.

Manufacturing tablets is a serious matter!

It requires a solid and structured partnership.


Máquinas Neuberger was chosen as the Brazilian Representative of the KIKUSUI Compressing Machines and is one of the largest and most solid companies in the area.

A business partnership that is unprecedented, where the training, start up, technical assistance, maintenance and instant replacement of worn parts will be done by the person who understands and makes the machines.

All by Brazilians with national cost and fast service throughout all national territory. Only one solid domestic manufacturer with 90 years of experience on the market can offer it.

Together in Brazil - Neuberger and Kikusui.

A partnership you can trust!


Kikusui Seisakusho is one of the oldest companies in the world that manufactures, for over a 100 years, equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

It has started its operation in 1910 and it is known worldwide for the quality and accuracy of their rotary presses.

The name and reputation of the Kikusui are highly respected in the pharmaceutical industry, being synonymous of quality, reliability and robustness.

The company is always dedicated to the manufacturing of equipment to a standard of quality, ensuring to users an absolute compliance with the most stringent requirements of GMP, GAMP and traceability.

Warranty of spare parts and fast service provided by the service technicians located in Japan, USA, Italy and Brazil that work direct partnership with Kikusui.